Wendy Fraelic Sandsjö

Maybe you’re looking for translation…
Maybe you’re looking for yoga therapy…

Don’t be confused.
I am lucky enough to have two companies:
one where I can indulge my passion for language,
and one where I can indulge my passion for yoga.

Connect with one or both of my companies!

Quality Translation since 2004

Sandlake is the translation of my Swedish married name, Sandsjö, a natural name choice for my translation company.

  • translation (Swedish to English) in a variety of sectors including technology, finance, media, IT and construction.
  • translation of quarterly and annual reports
  • English language coaching for specific challenges
  • CVs and job application cover letters in English

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Social entrepreneurship since 2014:

Yoga for everyone – regardless of ability of disability

  • yoga classes and retreats adapted for individuals or groups with physical impairments
  • workshops and training for yoga teachers and care providers
  • yoga massage workshops in southern Sweden in cooperation with Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut, Stockholm.
  • yoga for seniors is a specialty

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A brief bio

Ex-pat since 1981, having lived in Madrid, Lisbon, Moscow (during Soviet times), Stockholm, Anchorage Alaska, and Copenhagen, before settling in Sweden permanently in 1999.

Canadian by birth (1960)

Swedish through marriage (1985)

Coming in 2018 – another company!

Lillehem Yoga

A yoga studio in southern Sweden, near the Baltic Sea, where I will focus on yoga for healthy aging and yoga therapy.

Stay tuned!

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